Saturday, 24 December 2016

problems for dishonest would increase :- Four Dimensional analysis of the PM's statement

Today PM Narendra Modi said that after 50 days of currency ban ie after 30 december 2016, problems for dishonest would increase:-

What does this mean .......  Four Dimensional analysis of the PM's statement

Political Analysis:- PM wants to take political advantage in coming elections in states of Utter Pradesh, Punjab, . By such statements PM wishes to pitch that he is deadly against corrupt people and is working continuously for the cause of bringing black money out.

Personal Image :- PM wants to show that he is a strict implementer of his thoughts. It is not like that he has just done currency ban. He is still planning the  working on this front without any wait. as soon as one thing is over he would keep the topic hot by starting some new such big step.

Now the point arises, what may be next such step as PM says that after 30th december, dishonest would have to face more problems:-
a) PM may start the concept of online property bank, wherein every property is to be registered and is to be linked with adhar and pan. Due to this people having multiple properties with high value and not in tune with income declared will be in problem and benami properties will also come in lime light.
b) PM may instruct authorities to strictly and thoroughly check cash deposited in banks between 8 november 2016 an 30 december 2016 with books of accounts and cash balance in books.
c) Prosecution provisions as per law may be fast implemented against those who try to escape income from assessment.
d) Heavy transaction tax on cash withdrawing from bank may be implemented.
Or it may be to frighten people from non disclosure of income.

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